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MediaManagement Property

ImageGear24.Formats.SimplifiedMetadata Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.XMP Namespace > ImGearXMPMetadataRoot Class : MediaManagement Property
Gets or sets Media Management XMP schema properties.
Public Property MediaManagement As ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata
Dim instance As ImGearXMPMetadataRoot
Dim value As ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata
instance.MediaManagement = value
value = instance.MediaManagement
public ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata MediaManagement {get; set;}
public: __property ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata* get_MediaManagement();
public: __property void set_MediaManagement( 
   ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata* value
property ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata^ MediaManagement {
   ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata^ get();
   void set (    ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata^ value);

Property Value

ImageGear.Formats.XMP.MediaManagement.ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata class value.

If metadata does not contain XMP properties belonging to the Media Management scheme, the property returns null.

If the metadata does not have Media Management XMP properties, and you need to add such properties, create a new instance of the ImageGear.Formats.XMP.MediaManagement.ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata class, assign it to this property, and then add XMP properties using corresponding properties of the ImageGear.Formats.XMP.MediaManagement.ImGearMediaManagementXMPMetadata class.

If you need to remove Media Management XMP schema properties from the metadata, set this property to null.

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