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The Forms namespace provides access to the PDF form and form fields. It allows you to create, delete and modify a PDF's form, its fields and their properties, including getting and setting the field values.

Methods in this namespace affect the PDF's standard form objects (Acroform), but not the XFA data, if present. See XFA Support for more information.
Class A check box field. Allows single or multiple selection options.
Class A base field that contains multiple choices. A base class for combobox, listbox, radio, and checkbox.
Class A choice (used in comboboxes, listboxes, and radio groups). Encapsulates the text displayed, the export value, and whether or not the choice is selected.
Class A combo box (dropdown menu). Allows single item selection from a pre-defined list.
Class The abstract base class for all fields.
Class The array of fields associated with the form.
Class The AcroForm associated with the PDF document.
Class A list box. Allows multiple item selection from a pre-defined list.
Class A push button field. Used to control actions in the form.
Class A radio group (a collection of radio buttons). Allows mutually-exclusive selection options.
Class A signature field. Allows a document to be verified and certified for integrity and owner identity.
Class A text field. Allows arbitrary user text inuput.
Enumeration The field type.
Enumeration The justification for text. 0 for left, 1 for centered, and 2 for right.
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