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OEM Licensing
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With OEM licensing, you embed the licensing information in your application source code to deliver to your customers for their on-premise installation; license deployment information for distribution and royalty reporting are provided manually to Accusoft. Contact Accusoft Sales for information about our ISV/OEM programs.

Use of an OEM license key is governed by a written license agreement specifying the conditions under which Accusoft code can be distributed, tracked and reported to Accusoft. OEM licensing removes technical distribution restrictions, but adds financial reporting requirements.

OEM licensing can be used in any type of deployment.

  1. Log into the Accusoft Customer Portal and get the following: 
    • The Solution Name for the product to deploy.
    • The Solution Key.
    • The OEM License Key.
  2. If you are building a standard desktop EXE application or a server-based process or application:
    1. In your application project, call the SetSolutionName(), SetSolutionKey(), and SetOemLicenseKey() functions and provide the solution name and key values.
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      ImGearLicense.SetSolutionKey(0x1C3A023F, 0xA018F260, 0x37AF0E51, 0x557F2389);
    2. Build your project.
    3. Execute your project on the target machine.
    If you're deploying a web server-based viewer application:
    1. In your application’s web.config file, set the igSolutionName, igSolutionKey, and igLicenseKey fields and provide the solution name and key values.
    2. Deploy your project.
    3. Browse to your web application.

When you run your application on the target machine, the ImageGear component will check for a valid license. If valid, the ImageGear component of your application will run. If no license is found, a message indicating that there is not a valid license will appear.