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Viewing with the HTML5 Viewer
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The ImageGear .NET HTML5 Viewer is a responsive document viewer built using modern web technologies. It enables you to display in your ASP.NET website numerous document and image formats that are not natively supported in the browser. Use it to easily leverage the power of ImageGear .NET to read and navigate over 40 different formats including:

The HTML5 Viewer front-end consists of a set of JavaScript and CSS files which embody a simple viewer UI built using jQuery and Bootstrap that wraps around an adaption of PrizmDoc’s ViewerControl and uses ImageGear.Web on the back-end. Included with the distribution is a preconfigured sample ASP.NET MVC project which demonstrates how the viewer may be utilized.

Unlike prior ImageGear.Web front-end components, the HTML5 Viewer is not designed to work with Web Forms. Any ImageGear.Web documentation pertaining to Web Forms does not apply to the HTML5 Viewer.

The HTML5 Viewer is currently supported in all current major desktop web browsers including:

System Requirements for Using ImageGear .NET HTML5 Viewer

To use the ImageGear .NET HTML5 Viewer, you must configure the following:

This section discusses the following topics related to the HTML5 Viewer: