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LibreOffice Instance Manager (LIM)
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The LibreOffice Instance Manager (LIM) is a service that runs in the background and handles all the communication between ImageGear and LibreOffice.

When ImageGear needs to load or display a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document, ImageGear sends a request to LibreOffice to get the data it needs. The user does not need to write code to deal with the LIM since we manage that for you. Instead, we have exposed several variables you can adjust to your requirement.

These variables can be set by creating a settings.json file or by editing the settings-example.json file and renaming it to settings.json. This file should be in the LIM directory which will be %ImageGear Installation Directory%\Bin\OfficeCore\lim.

File path variables (e.g., logFolderLocation, libreOfficeLocation, etc.) can take in System Environment Variables (e.g., %TEMP%). For example:

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