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The classes ImGearProcessing Class, ImGearRasterProcessing Class, and ImGearEffects Class present a set of methods for modifying an image. You do not need to create an ImGearProcessing Class object to call its methods since all methods are static. Any method takes an image to be processed and some additional parameters necessary for processing the operation. For example, the Rotate Method will be called as follows:

ImGearProcessing.Rotate(Page, ImGearRotationValues.VALUE_90);

Image processing methods are shown below: 

Action Group API Reference
Crop - removes part of the image ImGearProcessing.Crop Method
Resize - retains the same image, but either increase the number of pixels (interpolating to determine the color values for the new ones), or reduce the number of pixels ImGearProcessing.Resize Method
Changes the geometry of the image ImGearProcessing.Flip Method
ImGearProcessing.Rotate Method
ImGearEffects.Shear Method
ImGearEffects.Perspective Method
Changes the contrast, brightness and/or gamma correction in the image - all these methods have two representations: the second type takes two additional parameters Contrast Mode and Channel Range; the first representation of any method calculates these parameters according the image type and color space. ImGearRasterProcessing.InvertContrast Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.AdjustContrast Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.StretchContrast Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.EqualizeContrast Method
Creating a thumbnail - an image with the new size is created but source image is not changed ImGearProcessing.CreateThumbnail Method
Checking for grayscale image ImGearRasterProcessing.ImageIsGray Method
Filter methods - these methods are based on the convolution of the image and the filter matrix. Any filter method (except Convolution) has two representations: with and without channel range. ImGearRasterProcessing.Convolve Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.Sharpen Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.Smooth Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.FilterWithMedian Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.FilterWithUnsharpMask Method
Methods for combining two or more images - these methods have two representation: with and without channel range ImGearRasterProcessing.Merge Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.Blend Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.BlendWithAlpha Method
Methods for manipulating with image channels and color spaces ImGearRasterProcessing.ConvertColorSpace Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.ChangeChannelDepths Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.CombineChannels Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.SeparateChannels Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.InsertChannel Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.RemoveChannel Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.CreateChannelCopy Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.UpdateChannelFrom Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.SwapChannels Method
Processing binary and grayscale images by applying erosion and dilation ImGearRasterProcessing.Dilate Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.Erode Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.Close Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.Open Method
Stylization - these methods imitate scanned paper photographs, analog cameras, or special photo equipment ImGearEffects.Aging Method
ImGearEffects.NightVision Method
ImGearEffects.ToyCamera Method
Artistic effects - these methods make the image look like a hand painted picture ImGearEffects.Oilify Method
ImGearEffects.Pointillist Method
ImGearEffects.Spatter Method
Rendering effects - these methods change image lightness or color using a specific shaper or pattern ImGearEffects.DirectionalLight Method
ImGearEffects.FreeDirectionalLight Method
ImGearEffects.FreeRadialLight Method
ImGearEffects.LensFlare Method
ImGearEffects.RadialLight Method
ImGearEffects.Spotlights Method
ImGearEffects.SpotlightsPreview Method
Image enhancement - these methods enhance image detail ImGearRasterProcessing.EnhanceLocal Method
Borders and frames - these methods add borders, frames, or vignettes to the image ImGearEffects.DropShadow Method
ImGearEffects.RoundCorners Method
ImGearEffects.Vignette Method
Distortions - these methods rearrange pixels using a specific pattern or texture ImGearEffects.Fragment Method
ImGearEffects.Mosaic Method
ImGearEffects.Pinch Method
ImGearEffects.RadialWave Method
ImGearEffects.WarpCylinder Method
ImGearEffects.WarpParabolic Method
ImGearEffects.WarpSphere Method
Color effects - these methods give the image a new look by changing its color ImGearEffects.Duotone Method
ImGearEffects.Sepia Method
ImGearEffects.Spotlights Method
ImGearEffects.SpotlightsPreview Method
ImGearEffects.Solarize Method
Removes red eye ImGearPixelCheckerRedEyeRGB.ImGearPixelCheckerRedEyeRGB Constructor
ImGearPixelProcessorRedEyeRGB.ImGearPixelProcessorRedEyeRGB Constructor
Detects image edges ImGearEffects.EdgeDetection Method
Speckle removal - these methods remove noise from a grayscale or bitonal image ImGearRasterProcessing.Despeckle Method
ImGearRasterProcessing.GeomDespeckle Method

The C# samples given below illustrate how to work with some Image Processing methods (in the samples, assume that igPage is a valid object of type ImGearPage Class):


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// Rotate the page to 45 degrees and expand according to the new image
// size. The background will be set to black.
// Create background color object
ImGearPixel igPixelBackground = new ImGearPixel(igPage.DIB.ChannelCount,
// Rotate
ImGearProcessing.Rotate(igPage, 45, ImGearRotationModes.EXPAND, igPixelBackground);


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// Cut a quarter of an image from left, top, right and bottom
int cutWidth = igPage.DIB.Width / 4;
int cutHeight = igPage.DIB.Height / 4;
// Crop
ImGearProcessing.Crop(igPage, cutWidth, cutHeight, 2 * cutWidth, 2 * cutHeight);


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double contrast = 1.2;
double brightness = 64;
double gamma = 1.5;
ImGearRasterProcessing.AdjustContrast((ImGearRasterPage)igPage, contrast, brightness, gamma);
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