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NativeType Field

ImageGear24.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Core Namespace > ImGearMetadataLeaf Class : NativeType Field
Specifies the type of data stored in a leaf, as it was stored in the image file or should be saved to the image file.
Public NativeType As Object
Dim instance As ImGearMetadataLeaf
Dim value As Object
value = instance.NativeType
instance.NativeType = value
public object NativeType
public: Object* NativeType
Object^ NativeType

Field Value

ImageGear.Formats.ImGearNativeDataTypes or ImageGear.Formats.DICOM.ImGearDICOMValueRepresentations enumeration value, passed as System.Object.

When metadata is loaded from a file, all leaves have this field set to explicit values.

When the application creates a leaf, it can either specify an explicit NativeType value or use the default value ImageGear.Formats.ImGearNativeDataTypes.UNKNOWN.

At the time of image saving, most file formats ignore this field and use the file format's standard types for metadata tags. Two file formats take NativeType field into account:

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