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ImageGear.Web.Isis Library : ImageGear.Web.Isis Namespace
The ImageGear.Web.Isis namespace provides functionality for obtaining an ImGearPage or ImGearDocument from an ISIS or TWAIN compliant device in a web-based application running in a browser.
A barcode detected on a scanned image.
A collection of barcodes.
The color format of an image.
Represents a create session parameters object.
A document retrieved result.
Scanner endorser information.
A collection of endorser info.
Characteristics of an image.
Commonly used supplemental information about a scanned image.
The status of an ISIS operation.
A page retrieved result.
Represents a scan parameters object.
A scan job.
Represents a scanner that can be set by the ImGearIsisScannerSession and used to scan images.
A collection of scanners.
A scanner service.
A scanner session.
The set of choices that are valid for an ISIS tag.
A collection of tag integers.
A collection of tag rational denominators.
A collection of tag strings.
The choice value of an ISIS tag.
Progress indicators for tasks.
The method used to describe the choices for a tag.
Supported file formats.
Image file types.
Image compression types.
Option to show configuration UI.
Image orientation values.
Page side indentifier.
Color interpretation.
Values for the resolution unit tag.
Values for the scan ahead tag.
Specifies the type of data to provide when an image is scanned.
Values for the scan type tag.
Progress indicators for tasks.
ISIS tag IDs.
Data types for ISIS tags.
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