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JPEG 2000 Standard Part I (JP2, J2K, JPC)
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The ImageGear.Formats.JPEG2K Namespace allows you to utilize the wide functionality of the JPEG 2000 standard Part 1 (ISO/IEC 15444-1).

It provides the following advantages:

These features outperform all other image compression techniques. JPEG 2000 image compression is suited well for sensitive image compressions (because of the lossless feature), or for its excellent image quality at high compression ratios for uses such as transmission in low bandwidth applications. 

Enabling JP2 File Format

To enable JP2 file format in your project, add a reference to ImageGear24.Formats.Jpeg2k Assembly. Specify this directive:

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using ImageGear.Formats.JPEG2K;

and use this API:

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ImGearFileFormats.Filters.Add( ImGearJPEG2K.CreateJP2Format());

See the JPEG 2000 section of the File Formats Reference for a list of bit depths and color spaces supported for reading and writing.