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BeforePage Event

ImageGear24.Twain Assembly > ImageGear.TWAIN Namespace > ImGearTWAIN Class : BeforePage Event
This event is fired before each page is scanned using any of the scanning methods of ImGearTWAIN.
Public Event BeforePage As ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventHandler
Dim instance As ImGearTWAIN
Dim handler As ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventHandler
AddHandler instance.BeforePage, handler
public event ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventHandler BeforePage
public: __event ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventHandler* BeforePage
event ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventHandler^ BeforePage
Event Data

The event handler receives an argument of type ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to cancel scanning.  
Gets number of page about to be scanned. The first page is number 1.  

NOTE: Methods and properties of ImGearTWAIN should not be accessed in the event handler for this event.

This event can be used by an application to monitor scanning progress (on a per-page basis).

It can also be used to cancel scanning before scanning the next page, if the application's event handler sets the ImGearTWAINAfterPageEventArgs.CancelScanning property to TRUE.

See ImGearTWAINBeforePageEventHandler for an example of how to use this event.

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