Handle End-User Viewing Events
VB Example
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// Write the event handler to dispatch the work when the user makes a menu selection
Sub IX1_MenuSelect (long menuType, long tool, long topMenuID, long subMenuID, long user1, long user2)
if (menuType = MenuContext) then
     Select Case topMenuID
          Case 100 ' Color
             MyObj.Color = user1
          Case 200 ' Size
             MyObj.Size = user1
          Case 300 ' Type
             SelectCase subMenuID
          Case 310
          Case 320
          Case 330
     End Select
end if
end sub

End-User Scrolling

The application end-user can change the portion of the image that is viewed in the View Window using scrollbars.

If scrollbars are enabled, then when the scroll bar is clicked, a Scroll event raises to alert the application to a scrolling request. The ScrollBarLargeChangeH, ScrollBarLargeChangeV, ScrollBarSmallChangeH and ScrollBarSmallChangeV properties are set to indicate the amount of requested change to the horizontal and vertical positioning of the view. The view is updated on the next paint.

End-User Cursor Movement

Track the position of the cursor in the displayed image as follows:

To translate between the coordinates on the displayed image and the coordinates in the DIB, use TranslateX and TranslateY methods.

End-User Mouse and Key Actions 

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