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This package provides the classes for ImageGear Java PDF.
AddImageOptions This class provides options for adding an image to a PDF Page. Set Width and Height to 0 to use the actual dimensions of an image to be added. Set Width to a desired size and set Height to 0 to enable auto-scale of the resulting image Height according to the original image width/height ratio.
CompressionType This class provides CompressionType values. This is a compression to apply to the image when adding it to the PDF page.
Document This class provides methods to work with a PDF document.
Page This class provides methods to work with a PDF page.
PDF This class provides methods to intialize and terminate the PDF library. Use getInstance method to retrieve the instance of this class.
RenderOptions This class provides options for rendering a PDF Page. The following default values are used in this class: Default resolution is 150 DPI. Default smoothing settings flag is SmoothingFlags.SmoothText.
SaveOptions This class provides save options for a PDF Document.
SmoothingFlags This class provides SmoothingFlags values, a bitwise OR can be used to combine the possible values.
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