Create a 1D Barcode
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Basic Steps to Create a 1D Barcode

1. Set the value you want to create.

Property  Description
BarcodeType Gets and sets the type of barcode to create from the BarcodeType enumeration.
BarcodeValue Gets and sets the value of the barcode to be created.
BarcodeData Gets and sets the current barcode value as an array of bytes used only if non-ASCII text values are needed.

2. Call either the Create method (to create an hDib) or the CreateBitmap method (to create a System.Drawing.Bitmap) from the BarcodeXpress.writer member. These methods will return an image with the desired barcode.

Method Description
Create The main method for creating barcodes.
CreateBitmap Creates bitmap barcodes.

There are many additional properties within the Writer class which may be used as needed in creating barcodes. See the class overview for more information.
C# - Basic steps for barcode writing 1D barcodes using Accusoft.BarcodeXpress.Net  Copy Code
//create and unlock the BarcodeXpress component
BarcodeXpress bcx = new BarcodeXpress();
//  The SetSolutionName and SetSolutionKey methods must be called to distribute the runtime.
//  The SetOEMLicenseKey method is required if Manually Reported Runtime Licensing is used.
//set the required writer properties
bcx.writer.BarcodeType = BarcodeType.Code39Barcode;
bcx.writer.BarcodeValue = "CODE39";
//call Create and get resulting image
imageXView1.Image = Accusoft.ImagXpressSdk.ImageX.FromHdib(imagXpress1, bcx.writer.Create());
// dispose of the barcode component


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