ErrorCorrectionLevel Property
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Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace > WriterPDF417 Class : ErrorCorrectionLevel Property

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Gets and sets the error correction level desired in the PDF417 barcode.


Visual Basic
Managed Extensions for C++

Property Value

The PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel value set.


The PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel value set.

The default value is PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel.ErrorCorrectionAuto.

The error correction level for the PDF417 ranges from PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel.ErrorCorrection0 to a high of PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel.ErrorCorrection8. A high error correction level should be used in application where symbol damage is expected. It is recomended that the PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel.ErrorCorrectionAuto level be used in most cases.

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