BarcodeTypes Property
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Gets and sets the type of barcodes to analyze during recognition processing.


Visual Basic
Managed Extensions for C++

Property Value

The BarcodeType set.


By default, the barcode engine searches for all 1D barcodes. The 1D barcode set includes all types, except PatchCodeBarcode, PostNetBarcode, GS1 DataBar, IntelligentMail, Royal Post Mail 4-State, Australian Post 4-State, QR Code, PDF417Barcode, Aztec and DataMatrixBarcode

Barcode types can be combined. The C# example above demonstrates creating an array of BarcodeTypes.

Default value: BarcodeType.UnknownBarcode


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// Create BarcodeType Array
System.Array currentBarcodeTypes = new BarcodeType[2];
// Add barcode types
currentBarcodeTypes.SetValue(BarcodeType.Industry2of5Barcode, 0);
currentBarcodeTypes.SetValue(BarcodeType.Interleaved2of5Barcode, 1);
// Set the BarcodeTypes property
barcodeXpress.reader.BarcodeTypes = currentBarcodeTypes;

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