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Get Barcode Results


Method Description
GetBarcode Returns the result properties with data of the given barcode index.
GetBarcodeResultDataValue Gets the BarcodeResult as an array of bytes.
GetMakeBarcodeDataValue Returns the barcode value as an array of bytes.


Property Description
BarcodeResult Gets the string value of the recognized barcode.
Confidence Gets the confidence of the barcode that was recognized.
BarcodeCodeName Gets the name of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeOrientation Gets and sets the orientation of barcodes to search for in recognition.
BarcodeH Gets the height of the image area of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeW Gets the width of the image area of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeAppendCheckSum Gets and sets a value which determines if a checksum value is appended to the barcode during recognition.
BarcodeResultStyle Gets the numeration type of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeSkew Gets the angle of the recognized barcode.
ChecksumCharCount Gets the number of characters in the recognized checksum.
ChecksumOK Gets a check if there is a valid checksum value for the recognized barcode.
NumBarcodes Gets the number of barcodes recognized.

Order of Results 

Since Barcode Xpress can return multiple barcode results from a single scan, the detected barcode results (both solved and unsolved) will be sorted using the following criteria. Note that all solved barcodes will be ordered before unsolved barcodes.

  1. First, the confidence factor is used to sort the barcode results from highest confidence to lowest. The Confidence property gets the confidence of the barcode that was recognized.
  2. Next, for any barcodes with the same confidence, they will then be sorted by their location, from top to bottom, then left to right.
VB - Example code to get multiple barcode results (in an array) Copy Code
'Sort the results top to bottom
        Dim BarcodeArray() As BarcodeInfo
        Redim BarcodeArray(0 To BarcodeXpress1.NumBarcodes - 1)
        ' fill the user type array
        For i = 0 To BarcodeXpress1.NumBarcodes - 1
            BarcodeXpress1.GetBarcode i
            BarcodeArray(i).CodeName = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeCodeName
            BarcodeArray(i).result = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeResult
            BarcodeArray(i).CheckSumOK = BarcodeXpress1.CheckSumOK
            BarcodeArray(i).Confidence = BarcodeXpress1.Confidence
            BarcodeArray(i).Length = BarcodeXpress1.ResultLen
            BarcodeArray(i).X = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeX
            BarcodeArray(i).Y = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeY
            BarcodeArray(i).H = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeH
            BarcodeArray(i).W = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeW
        Next i
        ' actual sort results top to bottom
        Dim temp As BarcodeInfo
        For i = Ubound(BarcodeArray) - 1 To 0 Step -1
            For j = 0 To i
                If BarcodeArray(j).Y > BarcodeArray(j + 1).Y Then
                    temp = BarcodeArray(j + 1)
                    BarcodeArray(j + 1) = BarcodeArray(j)
                    BarcodeArray(j) = temp
                End If

See the Overview of Barcode Xpress topic for code examples on recognition results.

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