Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX - Updated
Upgrading from Barcode Xpress 11 to Barcode Xpress 12
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This section describes how to upgrade from Barcode Xpress 11 to Barcode Xpress 12. While generally you'll be able to replace Barcode Xpress 11 with Barcode Xpress 12, there are a few important changes you may need to consider. This section provides information about those changes.

Changes and New Properties/Methods

To replace Barcode Xpress V11 with V12, you need to make some code changes as described below.

Required Changes

DLL Name, Library Name, GUID, and ProgID

DLL Name

The DLL name must be changed to reflect the new version.

Change from:


Accusoft.BarcodeXpress11.ActiveX64.dll (64-bit version of the control)

Change to:


Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX64.dll (64-bit version of the control)

Library Name

Change from:


Change to:



Change from:


Change to:



Change from:


Change to:



If you are upgrading from Barcode Xpress v7 or earlier, please refer to Upgrading Runtime Licensing for important information.