Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX - Updated
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To Install the Barcode Xpress Component

Run the downloaded setup program which installs the development kit on your development machine.

The downloaded development kit includes code samples for supported platforms. Samples are available through the Start > Programs > Accusoft > BarcodeXpress 12 menu.

By default, this will register trial licensing which allows you to develop applications but not to distribute them. The trial license allows testing of all the functions and features.

Please see Distributing Barcode Xpress to understand the limits and details to convert licensing editions.
In order to distribute your finished application you must purchase and install a fully paid license from Accusoft. The paid licenses override trial licenses.

To Use Barcode Xpress Help Files

Stand-alone Help file "Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX.chm"

Access the Barcode Xpress stand-alone help through the Windows Start menu: Start > Programs > Accusoft > BarcodeXpress 12

The stand-alone file is created with MS Help system version 1. To view stand-alone help files, you must have: