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Evaluation Licensing
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The default installation includes Evaluation licensing. This allows you to test all component features and functions and develop applications, but not distribute them. Installing a product in evaluation mode provides access to all features and functionality. E-mail support is available with the Evaluation license.

During evaluation of Accusoft products, Evaluation licenses can be used to try out products. However, the product behavior is limited by trial dialog pop-ups, timeouts, or evaluation watermarks. When you determine the product is a good fit, you can purchase a Toolkit license to eliminate trial dialog pop-ups, timeouts, and evaluation watermarks.

Applications built with an Evaluation license can only be run on a computer that has that Accusoft product's licensing installed on it. See Runtime Licensing for information on licensing requirements to deploy applications.

An evaluation dialog similar to the following is displayed when you have a valid Evaluation license:

However, if you attempt to execute a function that is not licensed in the edition license you are using (e.g., if you have a paid license for a component's Standard edition and attempt to execute a function available only in the Professional edition), an evaluation dialog similar to the following is displayed.

If no license is found in the registry, a dialog similar to the following will be displayed.

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