Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX - Updated
Boundary and Point Properties
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When a barcode on an incoming image is detected, Barcode Xpress properties of the results detect the outer parameters of the barcode. They mark both the boundary dimensions and the corner points of the barcode. Height, Width and Area properties describe the boundaries of the barcode rectangle. Barcode Xpress uses x and y properties to identify corner points of the barcode on the image. Coordinate properties x and y locate the corner points of linear 1D Barcodes.

With any rotation of the barcode on the image, the Point value assigned to the corners rotate with the barcode. No matter what the rotation is, the coordinate properties always identify the same corner point of the barcode. If the barcode is rotated 180 degrees (turn the sample below upside down), the x or y value for the corner remains. BarcodeX1 is now the bottom-right corner; but its value is still 1.


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