Accusoft.BarcodeXpress12.ActiveX - Updated
User Guide

Barcode Xpress™ is a powerful control which reads most commonly used 1D barcodes, detecting them anywhere on the page, in any orientation. It also writes most 1D barcodes and some 2D barcodes.

Barcode Xpress ships with ImagXpress which provides world class image cleanup capability for use with Barcode Xpress. Configurable speed settings are available to suit various application and budget requirements.

Primary Features

Supported Barcode Types

For the list of supported barcodes, please refer the table in Supported Barcode Types.

Barcode Xpress Editions

BarcodeXpress is offered in four editions, 1D Standard, 1D Professional, 1D/2D Standard, and 1D/2D Professional. BarcodeXpress 1D/2D Professional is the default edition which has the maximum functionality available.

Caution: When using trial (unpaid) licensing, the words " UNLICENSED " will appear in the middle of every Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417 barcode created, taking up 25 bytes of space including a space before and after. When testing the contents of generated barcodes, be aware of the extra space requirements.

Additional Accusoft Components in Barcode Xpress

Barcode Xpress requires 1, 8, or 24-bit images. Conversion from other formats is also available by using the included ImagXpress ColorDepth method or other methods of the included ImagXpress component.

For information on how to register and license all your Accusoft components, see Licensing.