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ActiveX Website Runtime Licensing
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Using an Accusoft ActiveX on a webpage is similar to Manually Reported Runtime (Non-Node-Locked), as it requires calls to SetSolutionName, SetSolutionKey, and SetOEMLicenseKey. However, the web licenses are not node-locked to particular hardware but are node-locked to a set of specific domains or sub-domains. Sub-paths of those domains and sub-domains do not require additional licensing, thus if is licensed, so is

To get an OEM license key, the developer will identify one or more domains or sub-domains to Accusoft's Licensing Center. There is an ActiveX web licensing site that contains the OEM License Generator web application. This web application is used to create an OEM license key that the developer can use along with the solution name and solution key on the webpage in the domain or sub-domain.


In the following example:

The developer would do the following:

  1. Log into the Accusoft OEM Web License Key Generator (
  2. Select the desired pool for the control that you would like to license.
  3. Next, enter your domain name in the text field (i.e.,
  4. Click the Generate Now button to generate the OEM key.
  5. Use the OEM license key on a webpage in the domain.
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barcodeXpress1.SetSolutionName "ACMEImaging"
barcodeXpress1.SetSolutionKey 0x1C3A023F, 0xA018F260, 0x37AF0E51, 0x557F2389