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VerticalTextGap Property

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace > Writer Class : VerticalTextGap Property
Gets and sets the amount of gap between the text and the barcode when creating a barcode.
Public Shadows Property VerticalTextGap As Integer
Dim instance As Writer
Dim value As Integer
instance.VerticalTextGap = value
value = instance.VerticalTextGap
public new int VerticalTextGap {get; set;}
public: __property new int get_VerticalTextGap();
public: __property new void set_VerticalTextGap( 
   int value
new property int VerticalTextGap {
   int get();
   void set (    int value);

Property Value

A long which represents the gap.

This property value can be positive or negative. Positive values move the value text further away from the bottom of the bars while negative values move the text closer to the bars, even overlapping.

Note: In the case where the value text overlaps the barcode, this may prevent the barcode from being recognized.

Default value: 0 pixels

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