About NetVue

The NetVue client/server toolkit permits high-speed Web-based viewing of ImageGear supported documents. This package offers enterprise developers all of the benefits of ImageGear plus easy integration to a wide range of repositories. NetVue incorporates AccuSoft's patented NDS, which allows users to access and view documents over the Web up to 20 times faster than the closest alternative.

NetVue Version 4.0.5  Features

NetVue was incorporated into the ImageGear Enterprise Edition (beginning with ImageGear Version 12). This provides a significant benefit in NetVue-based environments in that the advances developed for ImageGear (i.e., additional format support, image handling, etc.) are available via the automated ImageGear update mechanism. Since NetVue is based on ImageGear technology, as ImageGear advances, its features will be automatically available to NetVue.

NetVue Client-Side – ActiveX Viewer

Added printing of non-sequential pages from print dialog box.

Features In Previous Revisions

NetVue 4.0.0

NetVue 3.8.1

NetVue 3.8.0

NetVue: Installation Notes


You must completely uninstall any other versions of NetVue before installing NetVue 4.0 on your system. Also, if you utilize the ActiveX viewer, NetVueX, be sure to update the version number in the "codebase" attribute of your HTML/ASP pages being used to start the NetVue ActiveX viewer. The example below illustrates how the codebase attribute specifies the appropriate version of the NetVueX ActiveX control: 

    width="100%" height="100%">

If you are unsure of the correct version number, refer to one of the sample ASP pages included with your upgrade copy of NetVue. Otherwise, contact AccuSoft Customer Support via email.


The setup program installs the following components: 

Important Installation Notes

NetVue: System Requirements

The NetVue Server should be installed on a computer that: 

The NetVue Java Viewer can be used on a PC that: 

NetVue Java Viewer can also be used on a Mac that: 

NetVue ActiveX Viewer can be used on a computer that:


The setup program installs a copy of all the NetVue documentation in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF). You can access the documentation at http://your_netvue_server_name/netvue/documentation.html

The latest version of the free Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe Web site.


After NetVue has been installed, you may want to view the NetVue samples. Please feel free to browse to the NetVue Home Page at http://your_netvue_server_name/netvue/index.html.

NetVue: Known Issues